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N Scale Modular Section

Solent Summit N-scale modular layout


The Group started planning our N Scale modular layout, the "Solent Sub-Division", in the early Spring of 2010. It is still a work in progress in many ways with new modules being added at intervals and a complete revamp of the electicals that started in early 2016 nearly complete. The layout comprises of modules built and decorated by a number of Group members, and can now give over three scale miles of scenic running track and roughly seven scale miles of yard space - more of which may be added!

All the modules are built to a set of standards that govern the mechanical structure, electrical connections and decoration at the ends of the modules (or a run of modules). This ensures that practically any modules can be placed alongside each other and they will connect, function and blend scenically. Within the length of a module or run of modules, the constructor has free reign over what is shown.

We use Digitrax Digital Command and Control (DCC) equipment to run the layout while the decoders in the locomotives (and some other stock) are from a variety of manufacturers at the whim of their owners. Many locomotives are equipped to produce sound and we do have conventions on the function keys we program the decoders to use so that we know where the important functions (like the "mute" button) are.

The flexibility that our modular construction gives us means that we can produce layouts of a variety of sizes and complexities of operation to fit different spaces at shows. Some of those we have planned and/or exhibited are shown here.

When operating at our own or other club's shows we typically run to a pre-planned schedule of train movements. This ensures that we can run trains longer than the length of the longest passing loop in use and that there is always space in the destination yard to receive the train. Thus, we routinely run at least one train of the maximum length that the yards permit, which can be as much as 22 feet (or two thirds of a scale mile). Although the schedule is pre-planned, all the trains are driven by us, not by computer!

Want to get involved ? Then give us a call or send us an e-mail!

The Solent Summit Team with the 'best in show' trophy at the 2017 Victory show
Solent Summit took "Best in Show" at the 2017 Victory show in Portsmouth.
L-R: James, Ted, Chris, Bob, Chris, Morgan and Kerry.

The Solent Summit Team with the 'best in show' trophy at the 2016 Tolworth show
Solent Summit took "Best in Show" at the 2016 Tolworth show.
L-R: Kerry, Ant, Bernie, James, Chris, Morgan, John and Bob.

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