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N Scale Modular - Layout Plans

The flexibility that our modular construction gives us means that we can produce layouts of a variety of sizes and complexities of operation to fit different spaces at shows.

The most compact version of the layout is:

(Click for a larger version)

while this layout represents one of many possible configurations using many of the modules (and more modules are on the way):

(Click for a larger version)

The large configuration shown above has a little over 100 feet (3 scale miles) of scenery and over 280 feet (eight and a half scale miles) of yard space, enabling us to have that length of stock on the layout. The longest train possible is nearly 25 feet (three quarters of a scale mile, and we would have at least one of that length in use) and this is still shorter than the real thing!

Some of those we have planned and/or exhibited are shown below. Click on an thumbnail for a larger version of the plan. Some of these plans are no longer possible because they use the mark 1 or mark 2 loops that no longer exist.

"Benson 4"


"Mini-Newbury 1"

"Mini-Newbury 3"

"Newbury 1"

"Newbury 3"

"Victory 3"

"Victory 6"

"Victory 7"


"Victory 2016?"

"Expo 1"

NMRA Convention 2013
(Video walk-round in the Gallery!)

NMRA Convention 2015
provisional plan

NMRA Convention 2015
final plan.

Andover September 2016

Our Public Show February 2017
(Showing the shapes of the new yards.)

The layout exhibited at the
GCR Model Event at
Quorn in June 2018.

Warley November 2019

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