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Who are we?

Many of the Group at the November 2012 Running Meet.

Where are we located?

Also known as the Gosport Railroad Group, we are based in Hampshire in the UK. Most members live in the Gosport and Fareham area but we have members as far afield as Southampton, Andover, Guildford and even Kissimmee, Florida!

What we are about

We like to talk about railways and railroads, and run model trains. Group members are currently building an N Scale modular layout, and we have a Group HO layout in progress. Several individuals have their own layouts that are shown at our quarterly Meets; these are in On30, OO, HO, and N scales, and are in various stages of build from 'just starting' to 'nearly complete'.

The "American" in our Group name does indicate that we do a lot of North American themed modelling BUT we are interested in any railways, really. So if your main interest is British, or Continental, or "other" then please come along because it's our philosophy that really matters...anything goes, and no committees!

We have members who attend all the meetings, and others who exhibit layouts at our quarterly meets only. That's fine by us. And if you have any layout that you'd like to exhibit then let us know ; you'd be very welcome !

"Round Robins"

We generally meet once a month for a chat and a bit of planning, and some doing. Usually on the second Friday of each month at 7:30pm. Want to come along? Then give us a call or send an e-mail. You're very welcome!

Running Meets and Exhibitions

We plan a Running Meet and Mini Exhibition four times a year, and these are open to the public. We also hold "members and guests only" Running Meets at other times.

Usually we have around five layouts on show of various scales, and often have one or two traders in attendance. Times and dates are published in the Calendar of Events.

A young visitor admires a train at one of our shows.

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