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N Scale Modular - Storage Yard history

The East and West Storage Yards are essentially identical and have been through three iterations before they achieved their current form.

The first version

The first version of the storage loops consisted of a straight or curved module splitting the single track mainline into two (see the 1:2 modules page), a yard fan splitting these two tracks into six, a six-track staging module and a loop module creating a three track storage yard.

The original storage loop configuration

The loops could be missed out and the six-track modules joined back-to-back to form a six track through yard for loop-layouts. The main problem with these loops were the S-curves on entrance to the loop and tight curves in the loop causing problems for some trains.

The expanded version

A second pair of yard fans and six-track staging modules were produced along with new loops and some 2:4 modules to double the capacity of the yards to six tracks. Wedge shaped modules flare the fans out at an angle and then bring the tracks parallel again for entrance to new end loops.

The second storage loop configuration

If the wedges and loops are missed out, a twelve-track through yard becomes possible. The S-curves at the loop are removed but new ones introduced from the yard throat and over the yard fans.

Current version

New wedges were produced that flare the fans wider and then move the 6:6 staging modules parallel to each other.

The current storage loop configuration

This makes the yards slightly shorter and fatter (and also provides a little more storage as the there is a bit more track on the wedges).

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