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N Scale Modular - The 1:2 modules

We have four modules that are single track at one end and double track at the other ("1:2" boards in our shorthand). There are a pair of outside corner modules and a pair of straight ones.

  • Corner
    • East Fork

      East fork module East fork module

    • West Fork

      West fork module West fork module

  • Straight
    • The Road Bridge
      Road bridge module Train spotters on the Road bridge module
      Trains spotters on the road bridge!
    • Desert Fork

      Desert fork module

They are used either as the yard throats for the storage yards or to create a double track passing place, normally with one or both of Cascade Falls and Dilithium Fuels.

The Road Bridge 1:22 modules showing the yard throate signal LEDs in operation

Each 1:2 module has red/green LEDs mounted on the inner and external fascias that are used to indicate if an inbound or outbound route is selected when they are used as a yard throat module. These LEDs are only activated when the 1:2 board is attached to a yard 2:4 module because the power to the circuit board controlling the LEDs is interrupted if not connected to such a module.

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