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N Scale Modular - "Mileage" Modules

The "mileage" modules are scenery boards with through tracks. They tend to have a small vignette or reasonably plain scenery and are used to space out other "operational" modules both visually and physically so that the layout better represents the vast spaces of America. They also give us much more flexibility to fill the space available and to enure that access gaps and passageways between modules are wide enough for the operators to get through without risk of bashing the layout and derailing all the stock.

  • 3' boards
    • "Trees" by Bob

      Three foot mileage module a

    • "Plains"

      Three foot mileage module b

  • 2' boards
    • "Flat Rock"

      Two foot one track mileage module

    • "High Plains" by Ted

      Two foot two track mileage module

  • 1' boards
    • The "Nodding Donkey" by Bob

      One foot mileage module - the nodding donkey oil wella
      This oil pump is animated and nods up and down.

    • "The Hobo camp" by Bob

      Hobo camp module

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