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N Scale Modular - The Power Station, Hell's Glen and the Mine

These three large modules are normally used together to form an outside corner, although Hell's Glen itself can technically be removed to provide a straight run.

The Hell's Glen Mine and Power Station complex The Power Station
The Power Station
Note the working smoke stack.
Hell's Glen
Hell's Glen
Bob's Mine
Bob's Mine

Most of the main line is visible because it crosses the trestle over Hell's Glen, but the lines that enter and exit the Mine and Power Station run through the mountain.

  • Full coal trains approaching the Mine from the east bypass the Mine on the main.
  • Empty coal trains approaching the Mine from the east are routed through the Mine at slow speed where they are flood loaded. They then procede through the mountain and leave the Power Station dumping their load as go.
  • Empty coal trains approaching the Power Station from the west bypass it on the main.
  • Loaded coal trains approaching from the west enter the Power Station at low speed. They dump their loads as they enter, procede through the mountain at slow speed and are flood loaded as leave the Mine.

This complex of modules can be used to store two 7' coal trains, one loaded and one empty for exchange with others from the yards, increasing the operational complexity and number of train movements. Spare engines, including 4-6-6-4 "Challengers", 4-8-8-2 "Cab-forwards" and 4-8-8-4 "Big Boys" can often be found lurking in the yards on these modules awaiting work.

A 4-6-6-4 Challenger rests at the mine.
A 4-6-6-4 Challenger rests in the Mine headshunt.

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